The Greenhouse Community is driven by values not rules. Values like manaakitanga/hospitality, kotahitanga/unity, ōritetanga/equality, aroha/love and more.
The Greenhouse Community is the people who choose to be part of our whānau.
The Greenhouse Community is not the things we do- they are the vehicles we use for making connections with people, and facilitating connections between others. So the weekly things we do change to reflect the people who are currently part of the community. We try to keep our eyes firmly fixed on Jesus whilst flexible in the routes we take to acknowledge His presence.
Currently a week in the life of the Greenhouse Community looks like this (keep in mind people participate in what they want to, so don’t be overwhelmed):

The Greenhouse Community meets in the church lounge, and all sorts of places out and about in the community.



We are a part of the wider whanau of the Anglican Church both within the parish, the Diocese of Wellington, and the entire Anglican communion. 


We all gather in different ways according to the nature and purpose of the groups.  Greenhouse is family, bringing life to the last, least and the lost and makes deciples of Jesus.  


We gather around generous hospitality (Manaakitanga) demonstrating love for one another and sharing what we have.