Up to a point the development of the Greenhouse communities has been very organic.  This has seen meal communities driving the day-to-day activities and projects in a spontanious way.  


As a result of some of the Kaitiaki gaurdians developed a residential community in Novemeber 2013, a Contemplation Group was started every Thursday to support the shared life and mission together. A corresponding Action Group was then formed to assist the Committed community members to make decisions and take on roles in the community.  


This has meant opportunities to stategically plan together better and inclusion of not only committed members but new Core members.  All this participation has allowed the consensis decsion making and Low-rarchy (low hierarchy) to blossim.  The idea that we serve from the lowest place possible means that we create space in which people can step forward and shine in their own roles.


The separation from the Garden of Eden project was a blessing as it has allowed more energy to go into community development and project visioning.


Funds have been sorced and new opportunities are developing.


In around June 2017 a covenant was signed with Levin Anglican Parish and The Diocese of Wellington to work collaboratively. This unconditional agreement can be renewed annually.  The Greenhouse became a pioneering mission unit and had two representitives attend the Wellington Synod and Adi Brewerton presented a slideshow on the Masters research she did with Greenhouse participants on belonging.  She also presented information about the general culture and significance of our mission.

In 2017 we further developed our ideas about Food security and formed a pilot of Manaakitanga project (food sharing network) in September 2017.  Bags are distributed to sharers, receivers are put on a list and deliverers take full bags where they need to go on instructions from a coordinator.  

In December of 2017 a private donor pledged $5000 to get our newly branded REFRESHED employment and training project started.  A laser cutter was ordered from Makerspace in Wellington.  People are to be trained in design and laser cutting  techniques to improve work readiness self esteem and generate their own income from their own products sold on line in markets and in stores.