8:30am we share breakfast that anyone brings, toast, ceriel, talk and after breakfast hold a short time of Te Reo Karakia.




We gather to show love to one another and to God.  We gather in different ways in different places. 

4th Monday of month


Greenhouse Action Group . Held after the meal at 3 Manchester street 7pm. Here we make decisions about how to be together and share our lives with one another, and how to move forward.  



During term time ONLY 5:30pm we share food that anyone brings, talk and after dinner share our celebrations and struggles, pray and listen to a talk on wellness.

After School Community


An afterschool community is developing on Tuesdays 3:30 in the lounge around cooking, craft, mechanical work, worship and an internet radio channel.  This can all get messy and a lot of fun.

Garage Sale Community


A small team of people come together to support this mission.  Four times per year on a friday night starting at 4pm followed by a snake together at around 6 this small team set up the Garage sale and prepare the stalls.  All funds go back to Overseas mission and the Greenhouse local mission is proud to support this.  In addition, free children's cloths are being provided and a free (koha) cuppa is on hand for anyone comming to the actual sale which starts at 8am on Saturday till 10am.

Greenhouse Contemplation Group Meetings .  'Kaitiaki' are people who commit to care for the community like guardians.  They gather to consider how it is all going, reflect and build one another up.
Garage Sale

Four times per year we run a garage sale of donated goods.  The proceeds go to overseas mission.  There is also a stall for giveaway kids cloths and a cuppa.


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Event 1 :


We offer placement to people wishing to grow in their experience of pioneer service. It takes up the call by Jesus to love and serve those in need, the last, the least and the lost. The good news of Gods love and Grace is contexualised into the local community in entrapenurial and simple ways and those we serve are apprenticed to do the same. Talk to us about this if you wish to know more.

We are a part of the Levin Anglicans

Like layers of pancakes each community within the Levin Anglican Parish contributes the life and mission of the church.  Greenhouse is a pioneering community working at the edge of society to be with those who are marginalised or excluded from society. In this way we deciple them in Christ, recognising God at work through them, and we create the environment to allow those people to develop and grow us all.  The Sunday congregations also add to these layers providing ministry to those followers of Jesus.

A light to the world

The community does not exist for its own self but aims to bless others and for its people to be in the world in life-giving ways that reveal Gods love in us.