One another

We are part of a global family, a country wide family, a regaional family a local family and an eternal family.  Our family cares for one another. Sometimes we do that well, sometimes we don't.  Caring means listening to one another, being with one another, sharing with one another.  We want to see the Kingdom of God come through peace, relief of poverty and suffering, empowerment of the oppressed and support of the broken hearted.

Eating together

Manaakitanga is a word we use to describe Generous Hospitality.  We eat together because we believe it helps us connect on many levels.  It fills emptiness of body, mind, emotions, spirit.  As we talk over a 'cuppa' or a meal we join with one another on many levels and can strengthen our ability to be different with one another.  Eating together creates unity, not sameness but the ability to be with each other differences.

Worshiping together

Out of our thankfulness for one another and recognising the generous hospitality of God toward us, we accept and respond to Gods offer of Love to us with our own offer of Love for one another.  We draw together after the meals and celebrate movement in our lives and share the struggles we experience, giving thanks for Gods Grace in all these situations.

After school community

This community of children comes to share in the development of skills such as cooking, reading, repairing things and worship.  The most important things developed in this community are trusting relationships.  Our goal is to involve parents and caregivers and have them enjoy doing extra things together with their children.

Serving together

As we look outward toward a wonderful world we see so many loving and caring people bringing about the Kingdom of God - reduction of poverty, peace and sharing of love.  Our call is to join God in these places and add to the growing of the Kingdom of God.  We serve out of thankfulness.  We Love others in this way because of the Love God has shown us.

Reflecting together

Spending time talking about our journies together is very important to us.  We examine what we are doing and this Action-Reflection Cycle means we are less likely to get stuck.  The Contemplation Group helps achieve this and so does the Essential Jesus group that meets in the Library.  The Action Group is also a way of reflecting together.  This group helps mean everyone can share the decision making process as we figure out how to enact our values and beleifs with one another.

Community First

Communities can be healing so we have a community first approach.  That means we take referrals from agencies and self, into our communities. People come and have a discussion over a cuppa and decide which communities would be best for them.   As time goes on they may have pesonal needs and we have trained people to provide services such as counselling, parenting and social work.  We believe that formal interventions such as counselling, on its own, is not as effective as being a part of community. It is there in a transformational community that people can feel included, have a sense of belonging, purpose, identity, a place to be creative, a place to serve and have ownership. To begin with some may choose to start small and simply meet over a hot/cold drink to get to know one another. In some rare situations, counselling, or coaching/ mentoring may be needed first.  Our preference is that people who are seeking formal interventions will first experience being a part of our communities, gain a sense of the values that support the participants and enjoy being valued. Studies show that communities can provide meaning, purpose, belonging, safety and well-being.  The key point is though that we beleive that people who first come into the communities, experience life there and find friendship and support.  As a result of those discussions and experiences and mutual support many feel more able to cope with life.  We expect some will want further professional support as well.

Parenting, Counselling, Mentoring and Social Work Services 

We are first and formost an inclusive community.  Our Community First philosophy means we creat spaces for people to feel included and where we can get to know one another, THEN, we can offer our professional services of parenting, counselling social work.  All of these services can include spiritual support of verous kinds if wanted.